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  • Wave Church-Los Angeles
    1 Участник(и)
    Wave Church-Los Angeles » Church
    Wave Church-Los Angeles
  • FDV Youth
    1 Участник(и)
    FDV Youth » Church
    FDV Youth
  • Gateway Church Midlothian
    1 Участник(и)
    Gateway Church Midlothian » Church
    Gateway Church Midlothian
  • Iglesia Bautista Horeb
    1 Участник(и)
    Iglesia Bautista Horeb » Church
    Iglesia Bautista Horeb
  • Making Disciples
    1 Участник(и)
    Making Disciples » Small Group
    Helping Other Lead Learn and Achieve. Without compromising the word of God.
  • Bethel Baptist Church
    1 Участник(и)
    Bethel Baptist Church » Church
    Bethel Baptist Church
  • Disciples of Christ
    1 Участник(и)
    Disciples of Christ » Small Group
    Matthew 28:19-20 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Hi and welcome to the Disciples of Christ group! This is designed and based in Campbell County (specifically Rustburg High School, but others are welcome!). We are called to be disciples of Christ and it is my prayer that we find extravagant ways to serve and love others in our community. This is NOT a museum for good people, but a hospital for the broken (Quote: Jefferson Bethke) ! Feel free to ask any questions that anyone in the group can answer. I will try to regularly update with events and specific Bible studies that we can all participate in. If you have any ideas that could help the group out, let me know! Thank you, and have a blessed day!
  • DC 2014 Test
    1 Участник(и)
    DC 2014 Test » Church
    DC 2014 Test
  • Central Avenue Church
    1 Участник(и)
    Central Avenue Church » Church
    Central Avenue Church
  • College Baptist Church
    1 Участник(и)
    College Baptist Church » Church
    College Baptist Church
  • The Brides of Christ
    1 Участник(и)
    The Brides of Christ » Church
    The Brides of Christ
  • Central COG-YoungAdultSundaySchool
    1 Участник(и)
    Central COG-YoungAdultSundaySchool » Church
    Central COG-YoungAdultSundaySchool
  • OYC 2014
    1 Участник(и)
    OYC 2014 » Conference
    Oregon Youth Convention 2014 - Eugene OR
  • MorningStar Church
    2 Участник(и)
    MorningStar Church » Church
    Welcome Home! Here at MorningStar, we fully believe in community, and doing life together as a family. We know life can be draining, so come and get refreshed with others who can relate. Let's walk this journey together because we're stronger together. Our vision is to Connect and Effect - simple yet meaningful ... like us ... and perhaps you, too.
  • St Paul Aurora Youth
    1 Участник(и)
    St Paul Aurora Youth » Church
    St Paul Aurora Youth
  • CannonFodder
    1 Участник(и)
    CannonFodder » Church
  • FBC Covington Saturday Night Live - ABF
    1 Участник(и)
    FBC Covington Saturday Night Live - ABF » Church
    FBC Covington Saturday Night Live - ABF
  • Hope Community Reno
    1 Участник(и)
    Hope Community Reno » Church
    Hope Community Reno
  • Temple Men's Fall Study
    1 Участник(и)
    Temple Men's Fall Study » Church
    Temple Men's Fall Study
  • The Navigators
    1 Участник(и)
    The Navigators » Church
    The Navigators
  • 545 St Marks West Wollongong
    1 Участник(и)
    545 St Marks West Wollongong » Church
    545 St Marks West Wollongong
  • Life Application
    1 Участник(и)
    Life Application » Church
    Life Application
  • Discovering the Bible
    1 Участник(и)
    Discovering the Bible » Church
    Discovering the Bible
  • Glorious Bible Church
    1 Участник(и)
    Glorious Bible Church » Church
    Glorious Bible Church
  • Miami Temple
    1 Участник(и)
    Miami Temple » Church
    Miami Temple