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  • Lawrence Free Methodist
    1 Участник(и)
    Lawrence Free Methodist » Church
    Lawrence Free Methodist
  • Cathedral Of Faith FPCI
    1 Участник(и)
    Cathedral Of Faith FPCI » Church
    Cathedral Of Faith FPCI
  • dsimmonstcc
    1 Участник(и)
    dsimmonstcc » Church
  • Fellowship of Lake Worth
    1 Участник(и)
    Fellowship of Lake Worth » Church
    Fellowship of Lake Worth
  • 心貧しき者の集い
    2 Участник(и)
    心貧しき者の集い » Small Group
  • Southside Baptist Church Tampa, FL
    1 Участник(и)
    Southside Baptist Church Tampa, FL » Church
    Bible teaching, by the book.
    2 Участник(и)
    EUROMV HH GROUP 2 » Small Group
  • mumbai for christ
    1 Участник(и)
    mumbai for christ » Church
    mumbai for christ
  • Renaissance2014
    1 Участник(и)
    Renaissance2014 » Church
  • Stay Steady Bible TEST
    1 Участник(и)
    Stay Steady Bible TEST » Small Group
    Stay Steady Bible TEST
  • Kyros
    2 Участник(и)
    Kyros » Small Group
    Kyros Life Streams 18-25 year old group.
  • Clumsy Disciples
    1 Участник(и)
    Clumsy Disciples » Church
    Clumsy Disciples
  • Temple Baptist Church - Mason City
    1 Участник(и)
    Temple Baptist Church - Mason City » Church
    Temple Baptist Church - Mason City
  • Oasis Church NYC
    1 Участник(и)
    Oasis Church NYC » Church
    Oasis Church NYC is a non-denominational church in Staten Island, New York.
  • BIK NT Leseplan
    1 Участник(и)
    BIK NT Leseplan » Church
    BIK NT Leseplan
    1 Участник(и)
    MOSAIC & SWAT » Church
    MOSAIC - Making Our Souls Alive In Christ SWAT - Serving, Working and Advising Together These names have purpose and a strong meaning. Like everyday people, there are different kinds of Christian Woman. Some woman are loving caregivers who long to feed the souls of those who are starving who want more of The Lord, they are great for nourishment & uplifting words of grace - that's a MOSAIC woman. MOSAIC - Making Our Souls Alive In Christ Strong woman who are diligent, prayer worriers, fighters, sting in mind, body and soul! Who will never give up a battle and look to seek God until the end. This is a SWAT woman. SWAT - Serving, Working and Advising Together No one is better then the other. It's a yin yang kind of thing. Working together is the best way both these woman prosper and thrive. So let us know! Which ever one you relate to most, we want you to praise & grow with us. Were both here to help so don't be scared to talk to the both of us! Can't wait to hear from you all! MOSAIC & SWAT is a Ladies Christian Group where Woman & The Lord can come together to help one another grow. Not everyone has the same calling in this world. Not everyone can be a loving stay at home mom or a strong driven business woman. Here we celebrate all our differences and qualities and rejoice in them. No matter if you are a MOSAIC or a SWAT we will serve and praise our Lord together! ❤️
  • Messiah Spiritual Growth Group
    4 Участник(и)
    Messiah Spiritual Growth Group » Small Group
    Messiah Spiritual Growth Group
  • 2 Rivers Church
    1 Участник(и)
    2 Rivers Church » Church
    2 Rivers Church
  • Journey Group
    1 Участник(и)
    Journey Group » Church
    Journey Group
  • Clarksburg Baptist Church
    1 Участник(и)
    Clarksburg Baptist Church » Church
    Clarksburg Baptist Church
  • St Matthew Catholic Church, Virginia Beach
    1 Участник(и)
    St Matthew Catholic Church, Virginia Beach » Church
    St Matthew Catholic Church, Virginia Beach
  • Elevation Wyoming
    1 Участник(и)
    Elevation Wyoming » Church
    Elevation Wyoming
  • First Assembly of God
    2 Участник(и)
    First Assembly of God » Church
    First Assembly of God
  • Foundation UMC
    1 Участник(и)
    Foundation UMC » Church
    Foundation UMC
  • First Baptist Community Church of Los Gatos
    1 Участник(и)
    First Baptist Community Church of Los Gatos » Church
    First Baptist Community Church of Los Gatos